It benefits everyone to own the following tools, even those who are not regular DIYers or jack of all trades. These tools help make those odd jobs simple and reduce the need to hire professionals, which can cost a considerable sum of money. Sure, you still need handyman jobs in obx but when you have a toolbox with the following essentials, you can save money and time.

Tools that everyone needs in a mini toolbox:

·    Screwdriver Set: A small 10-piece screwdriver set makes simple repairs easy, whether you need to tighten up a screw, install a light switch, or open a can of paint!

·    Tape Measure: If you are not a professional, why on earth would a tape measure be on the list of necessary tools? You’ll need a tape measure for any home improvement project you take on.

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·    Hammer: It is evident that a hammer is important to have in the toolbox. The claw hammer is inexpensive and has a mix of uses around the house and more.

·    Duct Tape: Man, oh man, the uses for duct tape cannot be listed in one paragraph. Make sure that you have duct tape on hand to fix most anything in the house.

·    Flashlight: If the lights go out, a flashlight helps tremendously, but it’s also useful when you need to go into the basement to fix a blown fuse in the middle of the night.

·    Utility Knife: A utility knife works wonders around the house. Shave wood, sharpen pencils, open boxes, spread putty, and more. Utility knives are inexpensive as an added bonus.

Add other tools and items to the toolbox as you find a need for them, but ensure the above items are included in your arsenal of tools from the start.