How to Organize Your Business Space for Positivity and Productivity

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You see it all the time in busy business offices. Filing cabinets overflow, desktops are chaos, and the entire office has descended into an unorganized mess. Disorganization can wreak havoc on productivity and workplace positivity, but luckily there are ways to organize your business space to improve the mindset of everyone in the office.

Example? Label printing services in Eden Prairie would go a long way towards organization with custom labels for drawers, files, and other important things around the office.

Read on for more ideas on how to organize your business space to promote positivity and productivity in the workplace.

Ditch Papers… Go Completely Digital!

Papers are a thing of the past! Digital documents take up less space and don’t clutter up desktops. You can finally toss those old filing cabinets and document bins. Hire a professional typist to transcribe important documents to digital formats, then create a company cloud with access rules. Then back all of it up at least twice on USB gadgets.

Make Rules for a Well-Managed Workspace

Some people are more organized than others, but there’s a difference between being chaotic neutral, and downright messy. Call a business meeting where you and your office team can come up with rules for a well-managed workspace. Ask everyone to pitch in. The office will only stay clean and well-organized if everyone makes an equal effort to keep it tidy and managed.

Design Your Office Accordingly

Productivity and positivity often come from your surroundings. It all starts in your office, where you spend most of your workday. Don’t clutter your desk with personal belongings and pictures. Don’t clog your drawers with candy stockpiles and papers. Be a minimalist, design with colors that make you happy, and give your space a tidy personality.

The adage of business is, “dress for the job you want.” That saying can apply to other avenues of business too. If you organize your business space with productivity and positivity in mind, those elements become more attainable.

Tips For Cleaning Your Office

When you are hired to do a job for a business you are supposed to be focused on doing those tasks and not really focused on others.  One major task that people often seem to overlook, is the cleaning of their offices and personal spaces.  As we work, we tend to have trash and junk buildup.  This trash and junk will soon become overwhelming if we don’t take time to clean it up.  This again takes time away from our hired tasks, so many companies are turning to office cleaning services in Hampton Roads to pick up the slack.

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Bring in only what you need

The first step is to only bring in what you need.  If you carry everything you own into your office then you will eventually have everything you own scattered around your office.  This is why it is a good idea that you limit the items that you bring in.  If you only take in a bag, your laptop and your lunch then you can keep your area relatively clean.

Eat in designated areas only

We all work in a high paced world where we are expected to get things done and done quickly.  As a result, we don’t have time to sit down for lunch or grab something to eat.  So, as a result, we sit at our desks and eat while we work.  This action is not only unhealthy, but it is messy. 

When we eat at our desks we drop crumbs, food and get the contents of our food on our keyboard and other devices.  This is not a good way to work.  At the end of the day you need to have these devices cleaned and doing it yourself again takes away from your hired purpose.

Tools Everyone Needs In Their Home Toolbox

It benefits everyone to own the following tools, even those who are not regular DIYers or jack of all trades. These tools help make those odd jobs simple and reduce the need to hire professionals, which can cost a considerable sum of money. Sure, you still need handyman jobs in obx but when you have a toolbox with the following essentials, you can save money and time.

Tools that everyone needs in a mini toolbox:

·    Screwdriver Set: A small 10-piece screwdriver set makes simple repairs easy, whether you need to tighten up a screw, install a light switch, or open a can of paint!

·    Tape Measure: If you are not a professional, why on earth would a tape measure be on the list of necessary tools? You’ll need a tape measure for any home improvement project you take on.

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·    Hammer: It is evident that a hammer is important to have in the toolbox. The claw hammer is inexpensive and has a mix of uses around the house and more.

·    Duct Tape: Man, oh man, the uses for duct tape cannot be listed in one paragraph. Make sure that you have duct tape on hand to fix most anything in the house.

·    Flashlight: If the lights go out, a flashlight helps tremendously, but it’s also useful when you need to go into the basement to fix a blown fuse in the middle of the night.

·    Utility Knife: A utility knife works wonders around the house. Shave wood, sharpen pencils, open boxes, spread putty, and more. Utility knives are inexpensive as an added bonus.

Add other tools and items to the toolbox as you find a need for them, but ensure the above items are included in your arsenal of tools from the start.